2018 Must-Have Durable Water Shoes for All Ages

Being an outdoor sports lover knows no boundaries. Whether you are a man, woman or a kid, you can explore the world, take on adventures and improve your skills in outdoor sports. These are outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, water rafting, canoeing and many more, requires agility and balance. Once you lose your footing in doing such sports, it can lead to injuries which might affect your skills forever.

Protection from the right footwear is what you need to prevent accidents while performing your favorite outdoor sports. You can find security and lessen the impact of accidents with the use water shoes.

Water shoes are must-have footwear for an outdoor enthusiast like you. This shoe is designed to accommodate difficult terrains, murky waters and any weather condition. Using this shoes gives you stability and sure foot grip on every step you take. Thus, it protects yourself from harm and at the same lessens injuries during accidents.

Choosing the right water shoes can be a bit of a problem for first-time users. There’s a lot of brands you need to know. Moreover, you have to consider the features of each shoe to choose the perfect one which is suitable for your outdoor sport. The good news is, the http://smartsportsshoes.com/ is ready to help you on this matter. From the reliable reviews of Smart Sports Shoes, here are the leading brands of water shoes that you must know.

Water Shoes for Men

There are several brands of water shoes for men. Among these brands, here are the top selling brands of men’s water sandals with guaranteed quality, comfort, protection, and sure-grip features.

  1. Columbia Drainmaker III- Uses Omni-grip technology for effective gripping on dry and wet surfaces.
  2. Adidas Climacool Jawpaw- Features perforated outsole for quick drainage and Traxion grip for a firm grip on every movement.
  3. Speedo Seaside lace- Has incredible slip resistance and S-TRAC outsole for no-slip grip.

Water Shoes for Women

Here are selected brands of amazing water shoes for women. These water sandals are designed for minor and intense outdoor sports in both land and water surfaces.

  1. Merrell Waterpro Maipo

One of the best-seller water shoes for women due to its renowned antimicrobial antifriction lining. Also has air cushion that absorbs shock.

  1. Dreamcity

This is made of long-lasting fabric and rubber sole to let you enjoy hundreds of activities. The outside surface of the shoes is surrounded by breathable air mesh to maintain quality airflow and coolness.

  1. Teva Women’s Evo water sandals

These are manufactured from high-grade materials to survive extreme outdoor sports. Molded with EVA insoles for extra comfort and has an excellent drainage system.

Water Shoes for Kids

These are becoming an outdoor sports lover starts from childhood. Thus, if you want your kids to become physically and mentally healthy, let them enjoy their favorite sports and use Adidas Kid’s Kurobe Water Shoes.

The Adidas Kurobe water sandals are one of the leading water shoes for kids. It has a durable rubber sole that cushions the feet from impact. The shoes are also made of mesh nylon to enhance breathability, coolness and for quick drying.

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