3 Reasons Why Wooden Cutting Boards are Better

Are you torn amongst wood, plastic, and glass cutting board?

With so many options available, picking out the best cutting board can be very tricky, especially when you need to decide between materials. However, if you are going to ask a couple of kitchen expert, they’ll recommend a wooden cutting board amongst other boards; here are the top reasons why:

Reason #1: Considered as most sanitary

If you’ll compare the plastic cutting board and wooden cutting board, the latter is the most sanitary. This is because most of the wooden-made cutting boards have self-healing properties, as well as, anti-microbial properties.

Cutting boards are considered one of the busiest kitchen tools; you’ll use it more than thrice a day. For this reason, the constant use of cutting boards will leave hundreds to thousands of tiny scars. If you are using plastic cutting board every time you prepare food, the cutting board’s surface starts to worn out and unsanitary; through constant use, these plastic worn out fibers are at risk of being added to the food to be eaten, which poses risk to health. Plus, the scars created by constant slicing, mincing, and dicing of food may harbor disease-causing-bacteria such as E.Colli, Salmonella, and more.

If in case you did choose a wooden cutting board, you are in safe hands.

As mentioned wood cutting boards have self-healing and antibacterial properties. Whenever you slice some food on the wooden cutting board, the shallow cuts that were formed will close on its own, stopping the bacteria from thriving within those small cuts. Plus, any moisture present on the board is drawn into the center of it; thus, hindering it from multiplying, which eventually will cause the bacteria to die without or with a few traces of it. In fact, you can learn this here now.

Reason #2: It is gentle on knife

If you’ll compare a wooden cutting board with a glass-made one, the latter is more hygienic or sanitary than the former; however, the problem is, glass cutting board is not gentle on the knife. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you’d use a wooden cutting board.

Wooden cutting boards are easy on knives; when you cut food or ingredients, you are also cutting between the fibers of the wood. This means the knife’s sharpness is not affected when you cut something on a wooden cutting board. This is one of the reasons why several kitchen experts always recommend using glass or marble cutting boards.

Reason #3: Durable and easy to maintain

A wooden cutting board is known for its durability; however, you can’t just buy any wooden cutting boards it has to be either one of the following:

  • Hard-wood cutting board (teak, redwood, or walnut) –These are great kitchen investments that can endure a lot of tough cutting tasks but they are easy on knives. These cutting boards contain anti-bacterial properties, which prevents the bacteria-causing-diseases to thrive on the board.
  • Bamboo cutting board – These are cutting boards that contain anti-microbial properties that help prevent contamination. Bamboo cutting boards are also known for their durability and affordability.

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So, isn’t wooden cutting board better than other cutting boards? Yes; it is.

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