Basic Glassblowing Tools and Supplies

Who would have thought that it is possible for any person to create beautiful pieces of glass items in the comfort of their own garage or pre-made home workshop? If you are unfamiliar with this technique, it is the so-called glassblowing. In the past, it can only be done in large factories or manufacturing companies. Today, there are already glassblowing kits that you can buy online or in retail stores.

According to experts, these kits contain smaller versions or replica of the tools that are used in large glassblowing companies. But, what are the supplies that are incorporated into a complete glassblowing kit? We have listed the basic ones below in order to guide you.

Supplies That Should be Present in a Glassblowing Kit

Of course, you would not expect that one kit would contain all items. Nonetheless, it should have all the basic tools that you would need to start the process, and they are the following.

  • Marver

A marver is a device that can be made of steel, graphite, or brass that is used to achieve the shape of your choice. It is where you would pour the molten glass. If you want to have a clearer look at this tool, this Devardi glass 8-hole marver review can help out.

  • Shears

Glassblowing kits that have shears would be perfect since these tools are used for cutting and constricting the glass once it is exposed to the heat. This means that they would also help you achieve the shape and the size of the product that you want to achieve. They come in two various types namely a straight shear and a diamond shear.

  • Pipe

A glassblowing project would not be completed without the pipe. It is the one utilized for blowing air into the molten glass. It may look like it is not so special since it is just a long piece of a rod made of metal, but as you can note, it has the biggest role.

  • Pontil

As similar to the pipe, a pontil is a piece of metal rod wherein on one of its base, you would attach the glass once you would start removing it from the pipe. As such, the mouth of the glass piece can be created. You can also get creative with this one since you can attach more glass items while you are still blowing the other piece.

  • Jacks

Obviously, after blowing the glass or even placing it in a marker, you would not expect that the product would have a smooth and perfect finish. This is where the jacks come in. These are tools that have a blade and are used to give the walls of the glass finishing touches and shapes.

  • Tweezers

Tweezers are just like “the tweezers” that you use to pluck your armpit hair or eyebrows. The only difference is that this is somewhat bigger. This may not play a role in the production process but it is in the kit to ensure your safety. Why? Because this is the one that you would use to hold and transfer the blown glass while it is still hot.

There you have it – the tools to start your glassblowing project. Have fun!

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