Car Audio Amplifier Wiring Kit Guide

Have you ever worked so hard to buy that car you’ve always dreamt about only to realize that it has poor quality sound? Installing a custom car audio amplifier can be very useful for such a case. A good quality audio amplifier gives you the liberty to regulate the volume and quality of sound in your car at all times. You should take great caution when installing the audio amplifier to avoid causing damage to the amplifier or even to your car. This article will guide you on the most efficient way of installing your car amplifier using a wiring kit.

You should first begin by checking whether your head unit preinstalled in the car contains a pre-out for connecting it to the amplifier. This pre-out is normally located on the backside of your cd player. It allows for connection using RCA cables.

Check out for labels on the phono connections on the head unit if the connections are multiple. All connections except the AUX connection are output connections. In a case where the CD player has only one phono input, it is possible to shift the signal from full range to low frequency. You should also check out for a remote cable commonly blue in color, on your head unit. The remote cable commands the amplifier to shut down when you have not powered up the car’s head unit.

It is essential that you ensure that your car battery is not connected before starting the wiring process. You will have averted possible risks that would have damaged your car’s power system. You should understand that some damages can be very expensive to repair. Disconnecting the car battery will also protect the components of your amplifier from blowing up when installing.

You should then make sure that the earth wire is connected from your amplifier to the chassis. The earth cable is normally black or brown in color for most cars. Direct your power cable (red in color) to the location of the battery but don’t connect it. Install an in-line fuse along the power cable on a place that it will be easily accessible in case you decide to change the cable in the future.

The next step is to connect the RCA cables from the amplifier to the phono input on the CD player. You should connect the cables in such a manner that they are a bit far away from the power cable to avoid interference. Ensure that the remote cable is also connected to the amplifier from the head unit. You should always check them out before for installing a new amplifier in your car.

You can now install the speaker wires to your amplifier. The amount of power used to run the speakers determines the thickness of the cables used for connection. You should make sure that the speaker wires are connected in the right manner to avoid inverting the phase which will reduce the volume of sound produced.

Double check your cable connections to ascertain that no mistake has been made. Once you’ve confirmed that all connections have been made in the right manner, you can now reconnect your battery. Finally connect the power cable to the battery and your amplifier is now ready to work.

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