Dealing With Your Cat’s Bad Behavior

You may be fond of cats but their cuteness goes away if they keep on doing things you don’t like. You don’t need to simply ignore bad behavior since you can do something to correct it. My Cat Training site will teach you everything you need to know to train a cat. This article will focus on how to deal with their bad behavior.

The most common undesirable cat behaviors include the following:

  • Not using the litter box or refusing to use it.
  • Marking house fixtures with urine.
  • Scratching furniture and other objects at home.
  • Aggressive behavior to the owner and to other people.
  • Manifesting anxiety or stress.
  • Fearful of everything.

Addressing undesirable behavior

When unfavorable behaviors are observed, take your cat to the vet to rule out the possible cause of the problem. Sometimes, such behavior can be triggered by an ongoing medical issue. For instance, refusal to use the litter box can be caused by an ongoing urinary tract infection. Maybe, the aggressiveness can be accounted for the pain that the cat is experiencing which may not look obvious to you. The unusual fear of objects and people can be because of vision problem or presence of hyperthyroidism. Once the vet assessed the cat and find out the root cause of the undesirable behavior, treatment can be given before it even gets worse. If the cat’s health has been cleared then the cause of the aggressive behavior might have something to do with its environment.

The next question would be; what’s in the environment that causes your cat to act differently? Perhaps your cat tends to avoid the litter because it is dirty and poorly kept. Maybe, there’s another cat that prevents your furry friend from going to the litter box. The urine marks on your home’s fixture may be done due to the presence of a new cat you just brought to your home. This can also lead to aggressiveness and fearfulness. And as for the scratch issues, clawing or scratching is part of the cat’s nature. Just make sure that you bought a scratch post that can be used by the cat so it wouldn’t do it elsewhere. Also, never forget to direct your pet to the scratch post and give positive reinforcement if he uses this for scratching instead of your home’s fixture.

Meanwhile, verbal and physical abuse is not only bad for people, it has negative effects on cats too. It does not correct the undesirable behavior of your cat at all. It only makes the cat fearful and unwilling to associate with other people. It also causes aggressiveness like biting and scratching. Verbal and physical abuse may instantly stop your pet from doing unpleasant things but this does not mean that it will no longer repeat the same behavior, especially in your absence. So, if you caught your cat doing something wrong, take a deep breath first before addressing the issue. Giving positive reinforcement for positive behavior is a more effective approach.

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