Different Causes of Muscle Aches

As people get older, they experience more and more body pains. Aches would come in different forms and level of pain. And treatments differ depending on the intensity and cause of the ache. Here are some common causes of muscle pains and some remedy you can do at home.




Who did not guess that stress is number one? Both mental and physical stress can weaken the body and make it susceptible to different kinds of diseases. A person’s immune system would deteriorate and allow inflammation and infection which then cause the muscle pains. If you think that your muscle aches are caused by stress, either from work, school, or a lot of thinking, you should start taking some advice on how you could change your lifestyle. You might want to get some time off from all the things that are causing you stress and relax even just for a couple of days. You can also try and spend an hour of your time to take a walk, do some stretching and just relax.


Lack of sleep


If you do not get enough sleep, not only will you be experiencing aches all over your body the next day, you will also endanger your overall health. Your body needs certain hours of sleep depending on your age, for the cells to function properly. When you have troubles sleeping, you might want to drink hot beverage to soothe your tense muscles and meditate before going to bed. However, if the problem is serious, you might need to consult an expert.




This does not directly hit the muscles, but the joints where the bones in your body connect. However, the muscles that are surrounding the area would be experiencing acute pain as well. Arthritis is a sickness that would need the attention of a doctor. A professional might require you to take some pills to lessen the pain and let you do some physical therapy. A strict diet should also be followed.




The body needs a certain amount of water to be able to work well. Without water in the system, cells die and the body becomes weak, thus making it prone to different sicknesses. Drink an ample amount of water every day. You can try and drink some beverages containing electrolytes from time to time if you feel that you are losing too much water due to diarrhea or other kinds of diseases. There are some other causes of muscle pains including flu, anemia, and pneumonia among many others. The most important thing is to keep fit by exercising regularly, maintain a balanced diet, and visit a doctor once in a while to check the overall health of your body. If muscle pains are persistent and you want an immediate relief, you can also try some great hand-held massagers. These are perfect for pains caused by stressed muscles. You can check out which massager would suit you best by checking out some review sites or you can read the complete overview here.

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