How to Combine Suit and Dress Shoe Color?

Learning how to pair the color of your clothes to the color of your shoes can be a difficult job for some people. If you are already an expert in determining the different types of dress shoes for men, maybe it is time that you learn how to combine colors for your daily outfit.

It can be confusing to match the right pair of shoes with the different colors of the outfit that you own. If you feel confused, you can follow the guide below.

Black Suit

If you would be wearing a black suit, it is best that you pair them with black shoes as well. Yes, it might sound and look boring, but black shoes would definitely match your black suit. Trying other shoe colors would only give contrast to the classic black suit.

However, if you really want to experiment a little bit, you can always try different dress shoe designs. It is perfectly alright to experiment with designs when wearing a black suit, just don’t try wearing other colors. Even the color brown is a no-no.

Brown Suit

Just like black, the best shoe color to pair with a brown suit is also brown. Make sure that your shoes have a darker brown color compared to your suit. Wearing a darker colored shoe would make the eyes of onlookers go upward. Aside from brown, you can also give burgundy a try.

Moreover, never try wearing sneakers to match a brown suit because that would be difficult to pull off.

Burgundy Suit

A burgundy suit is not a usual suit color so if you already own one, it means that you already know to mix and match it with your shoes. However, if this is your first time to wear a suit of this color, you might want to settle with brown shoes. Make sure that you choose double monk or derby instead of the oxford ones.

Never use an oxblood shoe to match with your suit because it does not offer the right shade and could not give your outfit enough contrast. If you want to look more laidback, you can try wearing gray slipper-style loafers or white sneakers.

Charcoal Suit

Freedom is limited in matching shoe colors to a charcoal suit. Since charcoal appears to be like gray, it gives the impression that you can pair it with either black or brown which is a no-no. If you are going to wear a charcoal suit, make sure to pair it with burgundy or black shoes.

As with the design, you can choose any design depending on the occasion. The most common choice is the formal Oxford.

Light Gray Suit

Congratulations on wearing this suit because finally, you would be able to experiment with lighter colors. Most men consider this color as the true neutral color. You can wear gray shoes with a light gray suit but make sure that it has a darker shade to give your outfit contrast. You can also use brown which would make you look very formal. If you want a trendy look, you can go with black.

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