It can be intimidating to start a vegan raw food diet. However, with a bit of great advice, getting started can be easy than what you’d expect.

While most people are aware of the advantages of a vegan raw food diet and may be enticed to the idea of it, they may not have the proper knowledge, skills and tips to begin one. Here are some ways on how to get you started.


Jumping in the bandwagon with both feet is probably one of the biggest mistakes most people make when they want to try out a vegan raw food diet. According doctors, nutritionists and fatigue experts, they recommend to first trying out one new food at a time to see how you feel about it. Try to only eat one raw food during dinner, like a big plate of salad. Begin to transition slowly away from foods that are cooked or try to omit things such as coffee, diet sodas and processed foods. Then ask yourself how you feel about it. Keep doing this at a gradual process and keep things at a slow pace.


A commitment to a vegan raw food diet does not mean that you will never have to cook again. As you are beginning principally, it is best to remain flexible and add some foods that have been cooked on your diet, as long as overall; you are making the right choices.

Refrain from driving yourself nuts by not cooking anything at all. That will result in anxiety. When people gets excited about some type of diet and they browse through websites, grab a book or take a diet-related course, they eradicate all cooked foods, but then will come to a realization that from a sociological, cultural and psychological aspects, it’s really a difficult thing to do. And then they will return to a diet of eating fast foods and indulging on boxes of cookies, and then eventually feel bad, go back to eating raw foods and then start a yo-yo kind of diet.

It is a good idea to transition gradually and does a certain percentage of vegan raw food diet by eating a portion of healthy cooked foods such as sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. Following this kind of food plan will give you more room for social gathering like eating out with friends or parties and finding a food on the menu in a restaurant that you can actually eat.


To better raise your chances of sticking with the vegan raw food diet for a long-term, you need to be armed with all the necessary information and support. To get the inspiration you need, always read in order to succeed as well. You can also try to look for support online like a raw food group near your place. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy it.


• Only eat fruits during breakfast.
• Before eating your lunch and dinner, make sure to eat as much fruit as you can first and then eat the cooked food in your meal. You are more likely to discover that you no longer want as much after eating the fruits. Also make sure to give yourself at least 40 minutes to digest since there are some fruits that don’t go very well with other meals.
• Instead of cooked lunch, replace it with any type of fruit you want.
• Replace your cooked food for dinner with a fruit followed by a hefty salad bowl at least three times a week.
• Limit yourself to only two cooked meals a week.

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