Job Seeker’s Guide: What to do when your Personal Privacy is violated?

The initial job interview is one of the crucial parts when applying for a job; the applicant must leave a positive impression before the employer or the interviewer. If the applicant fails to show the right characteristics that employers are looking for, then it would be the end of his or her journey as an applicant on that particular company.

But did you know that most of the challenges that hinder the applicant from landing the desired job is not only limited to the applicant’s confidence and the skills?
According to some experts, during an interview, applicants are having challenges answering personal questions due to conflict of interests; where the interviewers would questions that sometimes crosses personal boundaries. Asking personal questions is quite offending, especially if the interviewee is not an open person.

Unfortunately, this practice is still prevalent; it is clear to employers that they should not ask personal inquiries in a job interview. Asking derogatory questions in a job interview is an obvious infringement of personal privacy of an applicant. Here are some examples of questions that are off-limits during an interview.

  1. Questions related to your gender, nationality, race and religion;
  2. Questions about your previous work, for instance the salary you earned;
  3. If your employers asks for your W-2 and uses it to find out about your personal information, like marital status and number of dependents;
  4. If your employer asks for your credit score; and
  5. All questions that is personal and unrelated to the job you are applying for.

Then, if you happen to be under such situation and your employer forces you to divulge personal information, what should you do?

Discrimination and violation of personal privacy is punishable by law. The only answer for your question on what to do when your employee asks for personal info is to call for a professional. Ask for Walker Law.

The Walker Law is a firm of labor attorneys in San Diego, California who are willing to lend a hand to people who are violated by their employers. This law firm is founded by Justin Walker who is also a true born Californian. His goal for establishing this firm is to fight the rights of citizens against the employment bullies.

At Walker Law, they provide consultations and law services to people of San Diego. They hold expertise in labor law, cases regarding employment and promoting employee rights. For example, if your employer does not pay your salary, you can ask Walker Law for help. With this, they can give assistance on what actions you should take and what to avoid to prevent further problems with your job.

Violation of personal privacy is punishable. Employers who keep on asking such questions in an interview will be penalized based on their offenses. Do not let these bullies affect your chance of getting a good job. If they breach your rights, immediately ask a labor law specialist in San Diego, the Walker Law.

Visit Walker Law on their website for more details on how to reach them.

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