Elevating of Feet: How Can It Help?

The feet support the entire weight of a human body, which is one of the reasons why your feet are the first part of your body that get tired after a long walk, run, standing, and even sitting. Thus, to alleviate the sore or the pain, why not try to elevate your feet? There are several health benefits of elevating the feet. According to medical studies, it can increase the blood circulation and favors you in many ways. So, to help you understand more about the importance of elevating the feet once in a while, below are the top three benefits it offers:

  1. Relieves the symptoms of Varicose Veins

Prolonged standing, hormones, genetics, overweight, and lifestyle, are all contributors to the development of varicose veins, which may worsen each passing year. According to the American Society for Vascular Surgery, there are 20 to 25 million Americans who are showing symptoms of varicose veins. Additionally, other studies have shown that Americans may also develop spider veins, leg swelling, and even the deadly blood clots. So, to relieve pain or soreness from the varicose veins, one of the best medical approach that had been used for several years and one of the evidence-based practices is elevating the feet a few inches above the heart at least 3 to 4 times a day for approximately 15 minutes. This procedure allows better blood circulation; thus, it helps reduces the swelling and also the pain.

  1. Relieves pressure from the leg veins

According to medical studies, sleeping while the legs are elevated 6 to 12 inches above the heart can relieve the pressure from the leg veins and can promote a better blood circulation throughout the body. Also, it can relieve symptoms of lymphedema or known as leg swelling. These conditions should be the reasons why you should have a single couch that allows you to elevate your feet, in case you feel soreness or pain from hip to the feet. One of the most recommended couches that everyone should have at home is using the best lift chairs.

  1. It prevents Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

The Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT, according to medical description, it is one of the common, yet dangerous blood clot that can travel throughout the body, especially on vital parts such as the lungs (it may cause pulmonary embolism), heart (can cause a heart attack), brain (stroke), arteries (arterial thrombosis), and more.

However, if you elevate your feet once in a while, all of these life-threatening critical conditions can be avoided. Standing and sitting for a long period of time may cause the blood and other internal fluids to pool in the feet or legs instead of circulating back towards the heart. As a result, there are higher chances of varicose veins formation, skin discoloration due to decrease blood flow at the lower extremities, swollen feet, and in worst cases dangerous blood clot formation and even skin ulceration. So, to avoid these conditions and to relieve pain and soreness of the feet, try elevating your feet after the hard day’s work.


Investigating Mattresses: How Can a Foam Mattress Affect Your Body?

No one should underrate the essence of a good quality sleep. In fact, there had been several studies across the globe that has proven that sleep can affect a person’s overall health and overall performance which is why you should also give importance to your sleeping environment because your sleeping location can also affect your sleeping habit. Experts have been pointing out that sleeping on a comfortable mattress can contribute to a beautiful sleep. Additionally, they were clear that the quality of mattress can affect a person’s overall health. Which is why most sleep experts would recommend foam mattresses than spring ones, and here is why;

  1. It supports proper spine alignment

Foam mattresses can provide an even support for each part of the body. The mattress contours your body’s shape, which allows you to stay in a position that is neutral, and it also supports your lower back. If you would compare spring from foam mattresses, you would immediately recognize that the spring will concentrate on the areas where your weight is; which means, your lower back or lumbar area is in an unnatural position. Eventually, it will give you pain and muscle tension, especially on your lower back.

  1. Relieves you from painful pressure point

Throughout the years, mattress makers have been reinventing the term “comfort”. This time, they had understood the essence of ergonomics in furniture, which includes mattresses. Today’s foam mattresses also aim the same objective that ergonomic furniture has. They aim to provide comfort by relieving pressure to alleviate pain and pressure sores, especially at the lower back.

  1. All your sleeping positions will be accommodated

The foam mattresses ensure a comfortable sleep whatever your favorite sleeping positions are. Also, most of the foam mattresses are designed to evenly support, cradle, and mold every part of your body; thus, it enables you to sleep comfortably without risking for pressure points.

  1. Easy to maintain

Unlike spring mattresses, the foam can easily be maintained. You do not need to toss and flip it over just to clean it up or worry about busting the spring. These types of mattresses can be cleaned through occasional vacuuming. Additionally, most of these types of beds are great for people who have great allergic reactions to dust mite, the synthetic materials, and other allergens that are usually present in mattresses.

  1. It is durable

One of the best parts of owning a foam mattress is their durability that you do not need to worry about replacing them after five years or more unless it is needed to. According to experts, the average foam mattresses can last for more than 7 years, but if you buy those high-quality foams, it’s guaranteed that you will have them for the next 8 to 10 years, or even more. High-quality foam mattresses are a good investment if you want to have a better and healthy sleep. So, if you are interested in buying one, there is a wide variety of foam mattresses that you can choose from, all you need to do is visit this website https://senseireviews.com/best-mattresses-under-1000/now.


Dealing With Your Cat’s Bad Behavior

You may be fond of cats but their cuteness goes away if they keep on doing things you don’t like. You don’t need to simply ignore bad behavior since you can do something to correct it. My Cat Training site will teach you everything you need to know to train a cat. This article will focus on how to deal with their bad behavior.

The most common undesirable cat behaviors include the following:

  • Not using the litter box or refusing to use it.
  • Marking house fixtures with urine.
  • Scratching furniture and other objects at home.
  • Aggressive behavior to the owner and to other people.
  • Manifesting anxiety or stress.
  • Fearful of everything.

Addressing undesirable behavior

When unfavorable behaviors are observed, take your cat to the vet to rule out the possible cause of the problem. Sometimes, such behavior can be triggered by an ongoing medical issue. For instance, refusal to use the litter box can be caused by an ongoing urinary tract infection. Maybe, the aggressiveness can be accounted for the pain that the cat is experiencing which may not look obvious to you. The unusual fear of objects and people can be because of vision problem or presence of hyperthyroidism. Once the vet assessed the cat and find out the root cause of the undesirable behavior, treatment can be given before it even gets worse. If the cat’s health has been cleared then the cause of the aggressive behavior might have something to do with its environment.

The next question would be; what’s in the environment that causes your cat to act differently? Perhaps your cat tends to avoid the litter because it is dirty and poorly kept. Maybe, there’s another cat that prevents your furry friend from going to the litter box. The urine marks on your home’s fixture may be done due to the presence of a new cat you just brought to your home. This can also lead to aggressiveness and fearfulness. And as for the scratch issues, clawing or scratching is part of the cat’s nature. Just make sure that you bought a scratch post that can be used by the cat so it wouldn’t do it elsewhere. Also, never forget to direct your pet to the scratch post and give positive reinforcement if he uses this for scratching instead of your home’s fixture.

Meanwhile, verbal and physical abuse is not only bad for people, it has negative effects on cats too. It does not correct the undesirable behavior of your cat at all. It only makes the cat fearful and unwilling to associate with other people. It also causes aggressiveness like biting and scratching. Verbal and physical abuse may instantly stop your pet from doing unpleasant things but this does not mean that it will no longer repeat the same behavior, especially in your absence. So, if you caught your cat doing something wrong, take a deep breath first before addressing the issue. Giving positive reinforcement for positive behavior is a more effective approach.

Therapeutic Massage: The Top Reasons to Get a Vibration Massage Therapy

Massage has a remarkable benefit to the body; in fact, according to 2015 AMTA’s (American Massage Therapy Association) research, there are 89 percent respondents who have agreed that massage is an effective method in reducing pain. Also, another research had proven that massage is an effective treatment for depression and stress. But, why does massage therapy work?

According to the medical description, massage is capable of relaxing the muscle tissue by reducing muscle spasms and painful contraction. Also, it is capable of reducing the nerve compression. All of these are possible by applying the correct pressure by kneading, the use of long strokes, tapping, deep massage in a circular movement, and or through vibration.

What is a vibration massage therapy and how does it work?

There are several kinds of massage and one of them is vibration massage therapy. A vibration massage technique is either used with massage tool or a massage chair, like the ones posted on this website “Massage Tut”. The massage therapist will have to assess your muscle pain before proceeding with the right therapy. However, the effectiveness of the massage therapy depends on the speed and the pressure applied. For instance, the lighter and slower vibration massage can help you feel more relaxed, while the quicker and firmer movement stimulates your body to release pain-reducing neurochemicals.

What are the benefits of vibration massage therapy?

While the ordinary massage therapy aims to reduce pain, treat depression, stress, and more, the vibration massage therapy aims to correct the balance of the energy in the body. Below are the top benefits of vibration massage therapy:

  1. Can help reduce back pain

According to massage experts, using vibration massage therapy can release endorphins, encephalin, and other neurochemicals that help reduce pain. Additionally, a research had concluded that a massage therapy that uses vibration mechanism is a lot better than acupuncture or chiropractic care.

  1. It helps release dopamine and serotonin

One of the reasons why massage can make you feel happy and relaxed is because the brain releases dopamine and serotonin during massage; these chemicals are responsible for making a person happy or sad. According to the medical description, if there is an increase production of dopamine and serotonin, it helps you feel less tense, relaxed and makes you feel good. It is no longer surprising that most psychiatrists would include massage in their clinical approach, in treating people who suffer anxiety, depression, stress, and even chronic pain.

  1. It helps increase blood and the lymphatic flow

One of the major advantages of vibration massage therapy is, it helps increase the blood and the lymphatic circulation. According to the medical description, the muscles and tissues need enough blood for muscle and tissue repair. Additionally, with good lymphatic circulation, the toxins that cause muscle pain are from the body faster than other treatment or therapy. There are a lot of advantages of vibration massage therapy, but all of it has the same aim and that is to restore your energy and normal function to carry out all your everyday activities.

5 Incredible Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is an important factor for the body and mind to function better. However, not everybody is able to have one because of many reasons including work, problems and health conditions. If you are one of them, try these amazing and really effective methods for you to get that good night’s sleep your body needs and deserves.

Tip 1: Set up a good environment for sleeping.

A perfect environment for sleeping is one that is dark, quiet and cool. The temperature and the brightness of the room interfere with the quality of sleep. Put up heavy curtains in order to block that would be coming from outside, especially if you live in the city. You might also need to use some earplugs if you cannot control the noise in your neighborhood. In addition, you would also want to make your bed as comfortable as possible. Choosing the right mattress, blankets, pillows and even sheets could make a big difference in how you sleep. (You can check out some really comfortable products at http://www.mybedcomforter.com/comforter-brands/ )

Tip 2: Relax your mind and body before going to bed.

In order to do this, you can read a book, take a warm bath, or even light up some scented candles. You would want to let your mind relax first and get rid of the stress for you to be able to sleep more peacefully. There are different programs and even exercises you can do at home to manage your stress depending on what is causing it. Deep breathing and loosening tense muscles are simple yet effective ways to make you relax.

Tip 3: Choose the food and drinks that you intake.

Certain kinds of food and beverages can prevent you from going to sleep. Drinks with caffeine such as coffee and some tea would affect your sleeping habits even hours after you consumed them. Alcohol, too, can disturb your sleeping cycle especially if you drink too much. Foods that are high in sugar are also not recommended before bedtime. The extra energy that these foods bring would keep you awake at night. Also, you might want to consider eating dinner a bit earlier. Meals or snacks should be taken more than two hours before bedtime to allow your system to work on the digestion and metabolism and to prevent yourself from getting indigestion and heartburn.

Tip 4: Be more active during the day.

Studies have shown that people who include exercising, sports or other physical activities in their daily routine, sleep better than those who do not. Working out or exercising not only gives you a stronger and healthier body, but also promotes the quality of sleep.

Tip 5: Be consistent with your sleeping and waking time.

Your body clock should not be confused as to what time you should be sleeping or waking up. Choose a specific time for you to go to bed and set up an alarm for you to wake up in order for your internal clock to function properly. You might want to avoid sleeping in, even during the weekends and reduce your nap time, too.

Infusing Fresh Ideas to Your Home Improvement Project

Are you looking to take up a “major” home improvement project anytime soon? You don’t need the opinion of experts or copy ideas you’ve seen in someone else’s home to do it. By exploring available resources, you will probably be able to come up with fresh home improvement ideas that you can render into something tangible and uniquely yours.


The first source of your home improvement ideas should be none other than you and the people who live with you. Here is where a general sketch should present itself for you to build your ideas on. For example, if you and your family or housemates are informal people, that is the cue for you to visualize an easy living space free of clutter and restrictive lines. If you are the formal type, then a more structured and conventional approach should be the path to follow. Find out if the single whole theme can be built to accommodate everyone. For example, if shabby chic is appealing, viable, and easy to achieve for you and your family then you can come up with unique ways to express this theme throughout your house.


Sometimes it is wise to pick a general style and proceed from there to create your own original touches. Among the styles that you might want to use as starting point are country, modern, Mediterranean, Mexican, Victorian, and Mission. Each style will help provide you with a framework to experiment and to develop creative home improvement ideas.


Let’s say you’re clinging towards a modern look for your home. Then you need to incorporate modern elements throughout the house and carry this from room to room with consistency. Bear in mind that keeping to a theme is no reason for your originality and special touches to be inhibited. Neither should it be a constraint when you plan to reroute traffic and reapportion spaces in your home. Themes can be brought to life through color and other details that are peculiar to a certain style. For example, a newly-installed shower panel in your bathroom would be in keeping with the minimalist current running through a modern theme. You can make the shower panel even more functional by installing a rainfall showerhead with adjustable flow. You can check out https://walkinshowers.org/6-incredible-rainfall-shower-head-examples.html for a list of some of the best shower heads you can buy.


Again, after choosing a basic style from which you will begin to spin ideas, you can give some attention to color and either use this to project the theme more strongly or to create an interesting deviation. Picture this: a classic Cape Cod cottage, which has one solid periwinkle blue wall instead of the standard four white walls, or a ranch type house with a carefully selected deep red Oriental carpet instead of the usual braided rug. There are thousands of ways to let your creative ideas flow but for best results, you want to come up with a cohesive whole that genuinely meets your needs.


Home improvement is more fun and rewarding when you are able to add a little pizzazz through the clever use of themes and details like the color. Don’t be afraid to play around with fresh ideas. Just make sure you try these out on paper before executing them on a larger scale. After all, you are going to invest time, money, and effort to remodel, renovate, or repair; you might as well get the full benefit and get something you will be happy to look at day after day in the years ahead.

The Anti-Aging Diet: Best Foods to Eat to Boost Collagen and Elastin Levels in Your Body?

Both men and women feel self-conscious as their body shows signs of aging. The growth of silver hair, having poor vision and wrinkly skin looks embarrassing, especially for individuals living in the city front where appearance is an investment. Among the signs of aging, having a dull and wrinkled skin is what most people try to evade.


The skin is the largest organ of the body. Moreover, changes in the skin are easily spotted and more difficult to treat, unlike a graying hair which can be colored back to its former hue. For this reason, many are seeking for ways to retain their youthful skin as long as they can. Some use pills whereas others do laser surgeries to preserve their skin’s radiance and softness. They will do everything and anything just to prevent aging from damaging their skin.


However, do you know that there is a safer and healthier approach to enhance your skin’s health without using the aforementioned methods? One thing you can do is to eat the right kind of foods which supports in boosting your body’s collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are two significant proteins in located within the dermis. These proteins are essential in making your skin look younger and free from wrinkles. But as you age, the levels of collagen and elastin in your body suddenly drop which results in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The good news is that you still have the chance to bring back your beautiful skin by replenishing the collagen and elastin in your body through eating these five particular foods.


1. Vegetables


Make sure to always add vegetables to your diet. Red vegetables such as tomatoes and beets are rich in antioxidants and lycopene. On the other hand, dark green vegetables are a good source of vitamin C and essential enzymes. Also, vegetables with an orange color such as carrots are full of vitamin A. These vitamins and nutrients have strong antioxidant properties which increase collagen production and prevent free radicals in destroying the skin protein.


2. Proteins


The protein you get from eating egg and lean meat contains lysine, proline as well as collagen. Thus, eating a fair share of these foods daily will improve your skin’s appearance.


3. Fish


Tuna and salmon are a good source of omega-3 fatty acid. This fatty acid serves a protective membrane for skin cells and supports the skin’s structure to prevent damage caused by aging.


4. Berries


Eating foods with potent antioxidant properties will help to ward-off harmful chemicals and toxins in your body that accelerates aging. Eating blackberries, raspberries and grapes is an excellent way to protect yourself from the scare of free-radicals. These fruits are loaded with antioxidant properties that slow down the aging process.


5. Citrus Fruits


If you find eating berries expensive or your market area lacks these fruits, eating any citrus fruit is a great alternative. Citrus fruits are rich in antioxidant and vitamin c that helps in neutralizing oxidation process. Do you want more tips on how to stay young and beautiful? Read a review of the Ageless Body System here on Younger Skin Guide.

Best Ways to Deal With Back Problems

Anyone can experience different kinds of back pain at least once in his or her lifetime. Back pains can sometimes be acquired while one age, it can also be caused by a past injury or even arthritis. Whatever is causing the back to experience such pain, it could be hard to endure and ignore. Some people who have chronic back problems often go to a doctor, take painkillers, or even have surgery done to completely get rid of the condition. But, for some, easy methods can be followed to reduce or eliminate the aching and also prevent it from happening again.


Be active but don’t overdo it

Some back pains can be caused by the body staying idle for a long time. It can also be caused by stress due to over-exercising or overdoing some strenuous activities. The body has to move and be exercised for it to function properly and to allow the spine to flex and stretch. When your backache, it would not allow you to do some hard exercises, you can go for a walk around your home or office or do some stretching for several minutes.


Once your back has recovered, you have to strengthen your body, especially the muscles that support your back in order to prevent the pain from ever happening again.


Improve your workspace


Position your computer, your desk, and your chair in a way that you do not have to hunch forward or slouch when you are working. Invest in a great chair that supports your back and can give you the relaxation and healing that you need even when you are at work. Try to read these zero gravity chair reviews for you to understand about these chairs even more and see how they can help you improve your back and your overall health and wellness.


Always maintain good posture


Whether you are just sitting or moving around, you have to make sure that you have the right posture. Maintaining a good posture will reduce the strain that your back gets when you do some certain things.


Keep your weight at an appropriate level


A lot of back problems are caused by being too heavy. If there are excess fats in your belly, chest or other parts of your torso, your back will be too strained. In some cases, serious injuries on the back happen because the body cannot carry the weight any longer. You can lose the excess weight by exercising and watching what you eat.


Make sure to have the right position when you sleep


Spine alignment is vital not only when you are sitting down or upright. It is also crucial to have the right position when you lay on your bed at night. You can use some special pillows or other things to keep you from twisting your back when you sleep. There are different products that can help you have the right posture and align your spine. These simple ways will not only reduce the pain on your back but also help you prevent experiencing back pains in the future.

Top Benefits of Blending Fruits and Vegetables That You Probably Did Not Know

Have you ever tried of drinking your meal? Trivial, but in this technological era, drinking your meal is already possible with a blender. In fact, several fitness enthusiasts are adding smoothies into their daily meal because of several health benefits. Other than it can keep you from being hungry longer than an hour, according to several nutritionists, blenders with powerful blades, which you may click here to read more, can extract full nutrition than just by cooking or juicing. Below are some of the top benefits of blending fruits and vegetables that you probably did not know:

  1. It can increase your nutrient intake.

One of the best things about blending of food, you are able to consume a significant amount of fruit and vegetable servings in one sitting. In fact, according to Harvard School of Public Health, consuming at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day can increase your micronutrient intake, which is mostly found in the latter.

  1. Increases micronutrient intake

Taking supplements is not enough to supply your body with the needed micronutrients because most of these are found in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want to ensure that you get the right micronutrients each day (enough vitamins and minerals), drinking vegetable or fruit smoothies can help you fight off diseases.

  1. Blending of food keeps everything intact

Although blending means pulverizing your food, you are still keeping the fruits and vegetables intact. When it comes to blending, you are including the skin and by keeping this important part of fruits and vegetables when blending means you are also keeping the nutrients intact, especially the fiber. Fiber is an important nutrient that can regulate the dietary tract or the digestive system. Also, it helps stabilize the blood sugar and lowers the risk of having chronic diseases; which is one of the reasons why several nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts would recommend blending of food than juicing.

  1. Lesser conversion time

When food enters the mouth, digestion happens. The mouth mechanically breaks down the food then the protein is digested down into the stomach. Afterwards, the small intestines play its important role in chemically digesting and absorbing other nutrients into the bloodstream. In other words, it takes hours to digest the fats and oils from the food before converting them to usable energy or fat. However, with blended fruits and vegetables, all needed nutrition is easily absorbed into the body, since it has a lesser time to convert the food into fat cells, then later on energy.

It is not unknown to everyone that several people dislike eating too much green. So, the best trick to have a healthy diet is to make blended fruits and vegetables. The best part in drinking these smoothies, you do not need to prepare more unlike cooking or juicing fruits or vegetables. Plus, you still get the same nutrients. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to be healthy as much as possible, add blended food with your daily meal.

Exercise Your Rights as a Consumer with 2 Shay

They say that the customer is always right, that there’s nothing wrong if a consumer wants to exercise his rights. However, what if the customer’s frustration all started when he acted on his desire to be heard of his concerns? That can’t be good, right? Such is the case with customer service calls. Customer service is supposed to be customer-centered where the needs of customers come first in order to yield awesome customer satisfaction results. However, when a customer calls a hotline number and gets subjected to the so-called “call center horrors”, customer satisfaction is the least bit guaranteed.


More often than not, customers get frustrated over the long process they have to go through in order to reach an actual agent, one who’s living, breathing, and capable of thinking. Many businesses invest in the Interactive Voice Response system or IVR in the hopes of streamlining their customer care process, but in reality, these IVR units are mostly annoying and time-consuming. Moreover, if time runs out on you while you’re deciding on which number to press, the call ends so you have no choice but to go through the same process again.


Should a miracle happen and your call gets routed to an agent immediately, there’s a chance the agent will put your call on hold, transfer your call to another agent, or promise to call you back (and never does!). The bottom line is; customer service calls almost always ends in frustration and robs you of your time.


What, though, if you were told that you can bypass these horrors and still get the information you need? Would you call this a bluff? That is actually possible with Canada’s 2 Shay. Its main objective is to provide customers with the information they need at the moment they need it most. No more wait time, no more queuing, no more being put on hold. You never have to go through a wasteful loop known as the IVR anymore.


With 2 Shay, you get access to all the information you need to help you decide your approach in getting fast and effective support. The site has reviewed some of Canada’s major companies and gives unbiased ratings of the efficiency of each company’s customer service core. Ratings are provided based on helpfulness, knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness of agents who take customer service-related calls.


By reading their reviews, you’d get a better grasp of which companies have a solid customer service core and which ones should overhaul their system. What’s even better is you, as the consumer, can share your overall experience concerning a customer service call you made, suggest ways that a company’s customer service system can be improved to attain customer satisfaction, or file a complaint against a rude customer service agent through 2 Shay’s review service.


This website gives you a chance to exercise your rights as a consumer to the hilt, so take full advantage of what it offers. You never have to suffer through a harrowing experience again. You can turn customer service around by capitalizing on what 2 Shay offers.