Top Benefits of Blending Fruits and Vegetables That You Probably Did Not Know

Have you ever tried of drinking your meal? Trivial, but in this technological era, drinking your meal is already possible with a blender. In fact, several fitness enthusiasts are adding smoothies into their daily meal because of several health benefits. Other than it can keep you from being hungry longer than an hour, according to several nutritionists, blenders with powerful blades, which you may click here to read more, can extract full nutrition than just by cooking or juicing. Below are some of the top benefits of blending fruits and vegetables that you probably did not know:

  1. It can increase your nutrient intake.

One of the best things about blending of food, you are able to consume a significant amount of fruit and vegetable servings in one sitting. In fact, according to Harvard School of Public Health, consuming at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day can increase your micronutrient intake, which is mostly found in the latter.

  1. Increases micronutrient intake

Taking supplements is not enough to supply your body with the needed micronutrients because most of these are found in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want to ensure that you get the right micronutrients each day (enough vitamins and minerals), drinking vegetable or fruit smoothies can help you fight off diseases.

  1. Blending of food keeps everything intact

Although blending means pulverizing your food, you are still keeping the fruits and vegetables intact. When it comes to blending, you are including the skin and by keeping this important part of fruits and vegetables when blending means you are also keeping the nutrients intact, especially the fiber. Fiber is an important nutrient that can regulate the dietary tract or the digestive system. Also, it helps stabilize the blood sugar and lowers the risk of having chronic diseases; which is one of the reasons why several nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts would recommend blending of food than juicing.

  1. Lesser conversion time

When food enters the mouth, digestion happens. The mouth mechanically breaks down the food then the protein is digested down into the stomach. Afterwards, the small intestines play its important role in chemically digesting and absorbing other nutrients into the bloodstream. In other words, it takes hours to digest the fats and oils from the food before converting them to usable energy or fat. However, with blended fruits and vegetables, all needed nutrition is easily absorbed into the body, since it has a lesser time to convert the food into fat cells, then later on energy.

It is not unknown to everyone that several people dislike eating too much green. So, the best trick to have a healthy diet is to make blended fruits and vegetables. The best part in drinking these smoothies, you do not need to prepare more unlike cooking or juicing fruits or vegetables. Plus, you still get the same nutrients. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to be healthy as much as possible, add blended food with your daily meal.

Exercise Your Rights as a Consumer with 2 Shay

They say that the customer is always right, that there’s nothing wrong if a consumer wants to exercise his rights. However, what if the customer’s frustration all started when he acted on his desire to be heard of his concerns? That can’t be good, right? Such is the case with customer service calls. Customer service is supposed to be customer-centered where the needs of customers come first in order to yield awesome customer satisfaction results. However, when a customer calls a hotline number and gets subjected to the so-called “call center horrors”, customer satisfaction is the least bit guaranteed.


More often than not, customers get frustrated over the long process they have to go through in order to reach an actual agent, one who’s living, breathing, and capable of thinking. Many businesses invest in the Interactive Voice Response system or IVR in the hopes of streamlining their customer care process, but in reality, these IVR units are mostly annoying and time-consuming. Moreover, if time runs out on you while you’re deciding on which number to press, the call ends so you have no choice but to go through the same process again.


Should a miracle happen and your call gets routed to an agent immediately, there’s a chance the agent will put your call on hold, transfer your call to another agent, or promise to call you back (and never does!). The bottom line is; customer service calls almost always ends in frustration and robs you of your time.


What, though, if you were told that you can bypass these horrors and still get the information you need? Would you call this a bluff? That is actually possible with Canada’s 2 Shay. Its main objective is to provide customers with the information they need at the moment they need it most. No more wait time, no more queuing, no more being put on hold. You never have to go through a wasteful loop known as the IVR anymore.


With 2 Shay, you get access to all the information you need to help you decide your approach in getting fast and effective support. The site has reviewed some of Canada’s major companies and gives unbiased ratings of the efficiency of each company’s customer service core. Ratings are provided based on helpfulness, knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness of agents who take customer service-related calls.


By reading their reviews, you’d get a better grasp of which companies have a solid customer service core and which ones should overhaul their system. What’s even better is you, as the consumer, can share your overall experience concerning a customer service call you made, suggest ways that a company’s customer service system can be improved to attain customer satisfaction, or file a complaint against a rude customer service agent through 2 Shay’s review service.


This website gives you a chance to exercise your rights as a consumer to the hilt, so take full advantage of what it offers. You never have to suffer through a harrowing experience again. You can turn customer service around by capitalizing on what 2 Shay offers.

Improving Business Performance Through Promotional Items

No matter what business you have or which industry you thrive in, one thing is sure; it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. You won’t last long in such a cutthroat environment if you don’t have a thick skin, but your stay would even be cut shorter if you don’t know how to cater to the needs of people. While there’s nothing wrong with being firm, there are times when you need to bend to the demands of your clientele or even butter up to them to get what you want.

Hence, you need to bring your A-game to the forefront of your marketing and promotional endeavors if you want to draw clients in and keep them enthralled with your services. Different forms of advertising have been constantly used by many businesses to boost market awareness and interest towards their company. Different types of advertising strategies have been proven to aid companies to increase their sales generation and revenues.

The usual types of advertising include using mainstream media – ads on television, radio advertisements, and business write-ups on newspapers and other print media. As competition in different sectors continues to become stiffer as more businesses join the bandwagon, companies strive not only to make their products and services more known to their market, but also to increase the company’s market recall.

This paved the way for more innovative forms of advertising. So, apart from the usual mainstream ads, one way to effectively increase business awareness is by giving away promotional merchandise.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find numerous options when it comes to promotional items, as well as company manufacturers specializing in such products. Since there are also other businesses investing in this type of marketing strategy, it is important to make your giveaways more outstanding without spending a lot of money. Look for unique items that will be more remembered by your market. You must also choose products that are useful and practical. The items must also be creatively and stylishly done so the recipient will not feel awkward using them.

An awesome item you could give away to clients is an IBEX tumbler that’s perfect for both hot and cold beverages. It can actually hold 30 oz. of any drink – tea, coffee, water, juice, and soda – and looks stylish with its sleek metallic design. Why is it worth giving your clients? Well, your clients are busy people who are always on the go. What’s more, busy people usually live on coffee, or anything with caffeine, for that matter, to get them through the day. Giving them a tumbler that would keep their coffee hot while they travel to and from is a practical idea.

Remember, though, that it may take some time before you see desired results. Investing in promotional merchandise is just like any other type of advertising – you have to work on this marketing strategy on a regular basis until you get the desired outcome. The promotional activities you do must be convincing enough so your target market will be more inclined to try your products or business solutions.

Massage Chairs: The Latest Technology in Comfort and Relaxation

In this modern age, technology has an important role in a person’s daily life. It made communication easier and faster, and you can also do transactions on the internet. In addition, you can gather data by simply browsing the web through your gadgets and of course shop online. Indeed, there is no doubt that the role of technology is to provide comfort, convenience to people and help them become more productive individuals. And this development also extends to methods of massage.

A massage is a type of treatment which involves kneading or rubbing the muscles to ease pain and discomfort. It is usually done by an expert called a therapist. Most people who ask for this therapeutic process are those in the working sphere or elders who wish to soothe their aching muscles. The purpose of massages is to help a person release the tension in their body by allowing the blood to circulate properly and feel more relaxed through removing fatigue. Many say that massage is a piece of heaven on earth. Well, no doubt about that. For this reason, developers of technology tried to find ways to offer more comfort and wellness to people, and this idea gave birth to massage chairs. Massage chairs mimic the way therapists do the whole massage process. However, instead of a therapist’s fingers kneading your sore muscles, the motors installed in the chair produces vibrations to do a massage-like sensation. In addition, a massage chair has various controls to allow you choose the level of pressure you want in your massage.

This type of chair looks no different than a regular comfortable office chair but the only difference is that you can sit or lie down on a massage chair while feeling the luxury of its massages. The massage technique used in these chairs is called shiatsu. This technique of massage uses manipulation of fingers and hands to stimulate the nerves and tissues in your body. In massage chairs, the rollers and nodes implanted in the chair copy the movement of a real person doing shiatsu. These implants create enough pressure to your muscles as if you are having a spa in a high-end wellness center.

Today, you can now buy massage chairs whether on a physical storefront or in virtual store portals. Likewise, by browsing the web you can find a wide array of brands, forms, design, and characteristics of massage chairs. One excellent source for this kind of information is Massage Chair Land. The Massage Chair Land renders updated reviews to customers concerning the current trends in massage chairs. They also keep individuals informed in terms of the latest best-selling brands and affordable massage chairs in the market. Among their selection of quality products, here are the top brands of massage chairs in the market these days.

  • Osaki
  • Panasonic
  • Inada Sogno
  • Full Body Shiatsu Chair
  • Human Touch
  • Full Body Zero Gravity
  • Forever Rest
  • iRobotics

Keep yourself updated on the latest news regarding massage chairs technologies. Visit this website, for reliable details on this matter.

Salt-Based Water Softening System Considerations

Salt-based water softeners or water softening systems, as the name implies, are products that require the use of salt in order for them to function. Generally speaking, they have a so-called brine tank which contains the water and salt solution. The salty water is important because it is the one that is responsible for initializing the regular filter regeneration process. With such in regard, users of salt-best water softeners should make sure that the amount of salt contained in the tank is at an acceptable level. If such is not achieved, the system will not be able to filter water properly. Thus, there is incomplete treatment.


When it comes to the type of salt required, users should check the manufacturers’ recommendations. Some of them designed their products to work well with the use of ordinary table salt. Some do not. Nevertheless, the type of salt needed by any water softeners sold in the market can be found in grocery stores. In relation to such, the best type of salt that can be used is the one that dissolves quickly. Such is for the main reason that it can be easily removed or flushed away. Thus, the filter cleaning process will be easier and faster.


With regards to the amount of salt required, that will depend on the level of water hardness, as well as the frequency of the regeneration process. In general, water that has mild to moderate levels of hardness require from nine to 10 pounds of salt. Water softeners that regenerate at a weekly basis or more require more salt than those that only regenerate every after two or few weeks. On the other hand, the frequency of placing salt in the brine tank depends on many factors. Such include the brine tank size, water hardness level, number of people using the water, and water consumption average. Nevertheless, the most important thing to consider is to make sure that the brine tank is refilled with salt before it even empties.


In relation to the last consideration above, most of the brine tanks of salt-based water softeners are recommended to contain approximately a quarter full of salty water. Likewise, it should also not reach more than six inches from the brine tank top. Similarly, the level of salt should also stay at only about a few inches on top of the water level. Following such level guidelines will ensure that the product will work efficiently. In addition, people should make sure that their water softener’s tank surface is free from the crust of salts before adding more salt. If there are salt crusts present, they can simply loosen and break them, either manually or with the use of hot water. Then, they should completely remove them from the tank.


The above-mentioned considerations should be carefully followed by salt-based water softener owners. If they do so, they will be assured that no matter what brand of the system they buy, it will surely last for a long time. Likewise, the considerations above will also ensure that the products will perform their functions well. Nevertheless, people who are interested in purchasing salt-based water softeners are recommended to check out this link.

Understanding the Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic state that affects the skin and joints of more than 1-3 per cent of the world’s population. Persons between the ages of 15 and 35 are most prone to the disease but can strike at any age. About 10-15 per cent with psoriasis acquires it before age 10. Heredity plays a role in causing psoriasis. At least 10 per cent of the population inherits the genes that make them predisposed to psoriasis, which is why taking the best DNA ancestry tests is crucial to find out if you have a long line of psoriasis sufferers on both sides of the family.


On the other hand, a small 2-3 per cent of the population picks up the disorder. What triggers this disease is not common. One person’s cause of psoriasis can’t make another person have it too.

Here are the known causes of psoriasis:




Psoriasis can be caused by stress either for the first time or can exacerbate the existing condition. Studies discovered that the cortisol hormone alters the responses of the immune system and is released when the body goes through physical or emotional stress. A very high level of the hormone cortisone is released. Conversely, 3/4 of those with psoriasis during the remission stage have low cortisol level.


Skin injury


Injured or traumatized areas of the skin are susceptible to psoriasis, too. This is called Koebner phenomenon. An irritating injury like bug bites, scrapes or bruises, and burns, including sunburn or chemical burns are examples of minor skin traumas that can result in Koebner phenomenon. This is the formation of psoriasis plaques that develop at the site of the injured skin.


Infection of the immune system


Among children, a streptococcus throat infection is the first onset of guttate psoriasis. A strep throat is accompanied by bronchitis, ear ache, respiratory infection (colds and cough) or tonsillitis.


Cold Weather


Cool and dry air can aggravate psoriasis. Oftentimes, the weather condition provokes the dry, scaly, itchy red areas associated with psoriasis. The low humidity in the air permits the skin to dehydrate causing tiny cracks or fissures on the skin surface. The drier the skin gets, the patches look worse and get painful. Use deep penetrating moisturizer and bath oil to manage the skin in any weather.


Heavy alcohol drinking and smoking


Latest studies reveal that alcohol and cigarettes not only worsen the symptoms of psoriasis, but these are believed to actually cause psoriasis in some patients. Alcohol, specifically, has very serious side effects if it combines with some medications for psoriasis. Findings how smoking has increased the incidence of psoriasis and contributed to slower recovery rate from psoriasis of affected smokers.

Both alcohol and cigarette render some medications ineffective. The psoriasis-afflicted person needs to understand the need to change his lifestyle. Dietary recommendations are also thought to improve the condition and hasten recovery.


On the other hand, you need to know that once you know the causes of psoriasis, learn to deal with it. It takes planning and determination to cope with the symptoms and causes of psoriasis.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Laptop Bag

In an age where internet access has practically become a necessity, it isn’t unusual to see that a large number of the population are always bringing their computers along wherever they go. Although mobile phones can provide convenient and quick access to the internet, phones are still far from being considered as a good replacement for computers. The working class who depend so much on capable computers with physical keyboards need to have their mobile workstations while typically only using phones to check emails. On the other hand, it’s not just the working class who are always taking laptops along. Students are sizable enough of a market that manufacturers are actually designing laptops with them as the users in mind.

Subsequently, the prevalence of laptop also means that there will be limitless demand for laptop bags. For those who are looking for the ideal laptop bags, here are some considerations to factor in before ordering one from the Internet.

  1. Size

Laptops vary in sizes. When picking a bag from an online catalog, or even from a physical store, it’s definitely a must to check the size of the bag. A laptop bag that’s meant for a bigger laptop will not be able to properly secure a smaller one. The loose position of a small laptop in a large bag might cause scratches or substantial damages when the bag bumps into a hard surface. Conversely, a small laptop bag will not be able to accommodate a large laptop. Even if the laptop compartment is elastic, it isn’t a good idea to cram a large laptop in.

  1. Materials

Laptop bags come in different materials, all with their inherent advantages and disadvantages. Nylon bags are cheap and sturdy. They are generally satisfactory in what one would expect from a laptop bag. Depending on the manufacturer, nylon laptop bags can last for quite some time before necessitating a replacement. The downside of nylon is that it doesn’t fit well with business attire. It would look awkward for a person wearing a corporate suit to carry a sporty nylon laptop bag. Another great option for a material for laptop bag is faux leather or as some people call it, pleather. It’s a more appropriate material for a corporate setting. While genuine leather is slightly better in texture and durability than ‘pleather’, it’s a less sensible option, for obvious reasons.

  1. Compartments

Choosing the right laptop bag also means checking its different compartments. Some of the best rolling laptop bags in the market are fitted appropriately with compartments for phones, important documents, cables and identification cards. One way to choose a bag with the right compartments is to list down the usual items that will be brought along with the laptop on a regular basis. Visualizing how they’ll be laid out in the bag helps a lot. It’s also a good idea to check if the compartments provide a secure hold. Elastic straps and locks are great additions to plain compartments, so it’s definitely worth checking out as well.

Different Causes of Muscle Aches

As people get older, they experience more and more body pains. Aches would come in different forms and level of pain. And treatments differ depending on the intensity and cause of the ache. Here are some common causes of muscle pains and some remedy you can do at home.




Who did not guess that stress is number one? Both mental and physical stress can weaken the body and make it susceptible to different kinds of diseases. A person’s immune system would deteriorate and allow inflammation and infection which then cause the muscle pains. If you think that your muscle aches are caused by stress, either from work, school, or a lot of thinking, you should start taking some advice on how you could change your lifestyle. You might want to get some time off from all the things that are causing you stress and relax even just for a couple of days. You can also try and spend an hour of your time to take a walk, do some stretching and just relax.


Lack of sleep


If you do not get enough sleep, not only will you be experiencing aches all over your body the next day, you will also endanger your overall health. Your body needs certain hours of sleep depending on your age, for the cells to function properly. When you have troubles sleeping, you might want to drink hot beverage to soothe your tense muscles and meditate before going to bed. However, if the problem is serious, you might need to consult an expert.




This does not directly hit the muscles, but the joints where the bones in your body connect. However, the muscles that are surrounding the area would be experiencing acute pain as well. Arthritis is a sickness that would need the attention of a doctor. A professional might require you to take some pills to lessen the pain and let you do some physical therapy. A strict diet should also be followed.




The body needs a certain amount of water to be able to work well. Without water in the system, cells die and the body becomes weak, thus making it prone to different sicknesses. Drink an ample amount of water every day. You can try and drink some beverages containing electrolytes from time to time if you feel that you are losing too much water due to diarrhea or other kinds of diseases. There are some other causes of muscle pains including flu, anemia, and pneumonia among many others. The most important thing is to keep fit by exercising regularly, maintain a balanced diet, and visit a doctor once in a while to check the overall health of your body. If muscle pains are persistent and you want an immediate relief, you can also try some great hand-held massagers. These are perfect for pains caused by stressed muscles. You can check out which massager would suit you best by checking out some review sites or you can read the complete overview here.

How to Keep Your Skin Young Looking

As people get older, there are certain inevitable changes that will happen to the skin. For those who know how to take care of their skin, it can come much later, which is the opposite if you are amongst those who tend to care less.

With age, the skin becomes a slacker, drier, and rougher because there is now less production of elastin, the elastic tissue that makes the skin supple. There is a general “drooping or sagging” appearance because of changes. These include loss of fat tissues underneath the skin leading to a loose and thin skin, sunken skin, a more transparent skin and more bony facial appearance. Bone and cartilage are also bound to happen, resulting to drooping of or accentuation of the nose structures as well as puckering of skin around the mouth.

How Your Skin Age

The skin grows old faster – dries out, from wrinkles, loses collagen – when you tend to take it for granted. Exposure to the sun is the single most damaging factor to the skin. If you are more careful, there are makeup products that already have sun protection factor in it that makes application and cost immaterial.

Going to bed at night without removing makeup or the grime and oil that accumulated during the day can badly block the pores and cause acne breakouts and other skin problems. Use the best magnifying makeup mirror when you clean your face of makeup to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Excessively cleaning the face with wrong products or changing products too often is just as equally harmful to the skin. Skimping on the much-needed sleep can wreak havoc on your skin and to your immune system as well. Lastly, your diet can affect the health of your skin, your immune system and your body to a great extent.

What You Can Do Slow Down the Effects of Time

  • Embrace a healthy lifestyle.

You do not need lasers and expensive dermatological procedures to stay looking young; you only need to embrace a healthy lifestyle – sensible diet, regular exercise, avoid the don’ts (caffeine, alcohol, nicotine).

  • Protect your skin from the sun.

The UV rays of the skin damage your skin and cause it to age prematurely. These days, sun protection factor (SPF) is already integrated as an active ingredient of many skin products worn during the day. Thus, using sunscreen is already getting to be convenient.

  • Empower yourself with a good basic skin care regime.

Start your skin care with the most basic steps – cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliation every so often. The process f cleansing removes all those makeup, grime, oil and dirt in your skin that accumulated during the day. Toning closes up the pores and the moisturizer is like nourishing or feeding skin. To remove the dead skin, exfoliation can be done a few times a week. You do not need expensive products to do these steps; there are indeed many home remedies you can use. If you can afford commercial products, know what can be good for your skin such as antioxidants like Q10, Vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid, and Vitamin A or retnoids that is a gold standard for fighting wrinkles. There is also the green/white tea fend off harmful free radicals.

Aging is inevitable and it is a risk factor for several disorders that can lower the quality of human lives. Slowing down aging can only offer more quality time; indeed that means much at least until better options are at hand.

Best Camping Sites in Washington

If you are looking forward to a memorable bonding time with your family or with your friends, the best activity for that is to go on hiking and camping and see the beautiful sites of nature. One of the best-hiking sites is Washington where there are different hiking trails and tons of breath-taking sites. If you want to know the different camping sites in Washington, find them all out below.

  1. Columbia River Gorge Campgrounds

Columbia River Gorge Campgrounds is a vast canyon of Columbia River that stretches over 130 km. It is one of the most popular camping sites in Washington due to its historical significance and its amazing views. In fact, Columbia River Gorge is dubbed as one of the 7-Wonders of Washington. Throughout its long stretch of river and trees, there are 4 camping sites which you can build your tent or park your RV up to two weeks.

  1. Takhlakh Lake Campground

Takhlakh Lake Campground is among the Top-Ten list of National Geographic of places to visit in Washington. It is actually not very surprising since there are lots of things you can do in the area. You can paddle through the pristine lake, enjoy basking under the sun or hike for adventure. There are more than 50 campsites in the area and prices may vary for each of them.

  1. Lake Wenatchee State Park

If you love water sports or simply enjoy frolicking in the amazingly clear water, then Lake Wenatchee State Park is your best choice. Stretching within the park is 3 miles of waterfront where you and your family can enjoy canoeing or simply swimming in the lake. What’s great about this state park is that it is very private and there is enough space for the family.

  1. Lake Chelan State Park

Lake Chelan State Park is one of the best family destinations where you can bring your children to enjoy fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and a whole lot more. Also, if you are tired of all the hustle and bustle of the city, then you will certainly love this place. The magnificent beauty of the lake will certainly leave you eternally charmed and will have your family enjoying the rest of the day.

  1. Mount Rainier National Park

The Mount Rainer National Park is home to clear and cool water as well as beautiful pools and waterfalls. It is basically a favorite place of those who love spending time fishing and setting a cool mood for the day. You only need to spend $20 per day if you want to camp at Mount Rainier National Park, which is actually a very reasonable price for a wonderful adventure with the family.

Next time you plan to go on hiking or go on outdoor adventure with your family, Washington is your place to be. On the other hand, be sure to bring all camping essentials! To know more about what you should prepare for a camp out, check out for more information.