Plyos Training – Upper Body Plyometrics

Plyos training is now a common element of workout programs of several types of sports, particularly basketball, volleyball, boxing, and mixed martial arts or MMA. This type of training system is actually designed to enhance leg power, speed, and endurance, and actually aim at improving the athlete’s ability to jump. However, plyos exercises are not only limited to enhancing the legs, hips, and torso, and Upper Body Plyometrics can prove this.


Overall, plyometrics exercises focus on improving an athlete’s movement and explosive power, something that MMA fighters, in particular, need to develop continuously. Whether you’ve been an MMA fighter for quite some time now or just starting out, you need to include plyometrics in your training routine in order to improve your speed and power.


Improving both would allow you to move around quickly in the cage to avoid getting hit and exert the maximum amount of force when releasing punches. It would spell a big difference whether you’re the one trying to land the punches or trying to avoid your opponent from hitting you. You can check out this site if you want to find out how vital plyometrics training is to MMA fighters and most other athletes in general.


If there is one training system today that is designed specifically for most types of sports it is plyos. The original purpose of plyos exercises is to enhance or increase the rate by which the muscles produce force or power. Moreover, since most sports involve quick movements and require that the athletes generate a certain amount of force quickly, more and more athletes are incorporating this type of training system to their workout regimen.


Basic plyos training system include exercise routines that are designed to enhance the lower body such as jumping, bounding, and hopping. On the other hand, Upper Body Plyometrics involve throwing movements, which is why most of the exercises included in this system use the medicine ball as the main piece of equipment. Plyos push-ups, side throws, power drops, and overhead throws are among the routines included in this workout system. One can say that this type of exercise is perfect for sports that involve throwing such as baseball or MMA, that is, when you throw punches.

When performed on their own, though, these exercises can only improve strength, but not the rate of force development. For this reason, it is still essential that this system is combined with basic plyos exercises for better results. It is also suggested that you do Upper Body Plyometrics for up to 10 repetitions in order to get the most out of your training. Resting for at least two minutes between sets is also essential so as not to exhaust the muscles that help produce force.


To sum it all up, plyos training exercises are very effective for athletes who want to increase their muscle power. However, it is important that you learn everything about plyos training first to find out whether the exercises involved are suitable to your athletic ability or not. It would also be an excellent idea for you to have a personal trainer to supervise you while you train to make sure you are doing the movements the right way.

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