Review of kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker

If you travel around the world, you will find different kinds of drinks and beverages around the globe but there are very few drinks that are common and you will find them where ever you go with lots of variations. Coffee is one of these drinks that is very famous around the globe and you will find different coffee makers and different ways of producing this drink.

One of the most useful and efficient product for coffee making is Kitchen Supreme French press coffee maker that yields refreshing mug each time. Coffee lovers swear that French press is one of the best coffee makers ever made. With the use of this equipment, users can be sure that every cup of coffee has unique and intense flavors. For those who don’t know much about the French press, let us tell you more about it

Kitchen Supreme French press coffee maker:

Let us provide you with a pretty honest french press review so that you will be able to decide the right coffee maker to invest in. The Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker offers up to one liter capacity of best quality coffee that is your favorite. It does not only make coffee yet it also delivers your favorite drinks like tea, espresso, and other quality beverages.

1. There are several filtering screens that convert fine grinded coffee beans into a pure coffee output. It also work perfectly as tea infuser and provides you with high quality tea that is ever so refreshing.

2. Over the course of time, this gets mixed into your coffee, leaving a bitter aftertaste. The French press does not retain natural oil because the materials prevent any smell from staying in the equipment after brewing.

3. It has a cylinder-shaped design and is made of stainless steel. The design of this French press exudes elegance, and several people love its simplicity and durability. This French press will make a perfect present for a housewarming, retirement, and the likes.

4. Kitchen supreme French press is small and lightweight so you can bring it anywhere you go. It has a double screen system which ensures that you won’t bite coffee remnants. The company claims that this is far superior to other French press brands.

5. Kitchen Supreme is durable and sturdier. It is made from a high-grade stainless steel which its counterpart lacks. Aside from that, this French press coffee maker also features a high-quality thermal shock resistant carafe from Germany.

6. The double lid stainless steel provides heat inter lock which acts as thermos flask and helps in maintaining temperature of the coffee maker for a long time. Double lid operates in sequence and helps in easy pouring of coffee.


The Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker is a perfect double German glass with four filter screens that ensure you get a creamy, velvety, and foamy coffee. It is highly durable and made from high-quality materials. It guarantees zero coffee grounds in your drink and overall has a very trendy design which will look great in the kitchen counter-top.

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