Russell Hobbs Garment Steamer: What to Expect

Looking for a high caliber and affordable garment steamer is quite challenging. There are countless of brands and manufacturers of this household tool that choosing just one to trust is difficult. If you are having a similar problem, there is one thing you can do. Invest in a quality garment steamer like Russell Hobbs RGS1800.

The Russell Hobbs is one of the renowned garment steamers manufacturers in India. Their latest product, the RGS1800 is one great example that shows off what Russell Hobbs can offer to its customers. This garment steamer received a fairly high rating from its users surmounting to 4 stars out of 5. Now, to let you see the bigger picture of this popular garment steamer, check out the advantages of buying a Russell Hobb RGS1800 in India.

Variable Steam Control

Having variable steam control is one essential aspect of a quality garment steamer. This feature is present in Russell Hobb RGS1800. This equipment has a steam control system that is easy to manage. With this, you can choose the appropriate combination of steam and temperature that is suitable for a specific type of fabric. Furthermore, Russell Hobbs delivers a strong and powerful steam that flattens wrinkles and folds on clothes in a matter of minutes.

Power Capacity

The ability of garment steamers to remove folds and creases on clothes also depends on the equipment’s power. The good news is, Russell Hobbs RGS1800 utilizes 1800 watts of power and operates in 220 to 240 volts which are high compared to other brands. In this effect, Russel Hobbs heats faster unlike some garment steamer and delivers continuous jets of steam.

Water Tank Capacity

Another significant feature of a garment steamer is the amount of water it can hold. It is always a smart choice to select this type of equipment that can store more than a liter of water, especially if you are doing it for the whole household. The Russell Hobbs has the capacity to store 1.6 liters of water to avoid frequent refilling. Thus, this garment steamer works well for preparing loads of clothing.

Ergonomic Features

Not all garment steamers have amazing ergonomic features. Luckily, Russell Hobbs is built for your convenience and comfort. The RGS1800 garment steamer is easy to control with handles that allow a strong grip on the device. In addition, the handle of this product is shaped to keep your hand comfortable while holding the garment steamer for prolonged hours of working.

Likewise, this garment steamer has stable wheels for easy maneuvering of the equipment. It also comes with a long power cord which measures 6.5 feet so you can move around without causing accidents.

Safety Features

Overheating is a common hazard of electronic products. Additionally, overheated appliances and electronics is the prime reason of fire. But with Russell Hobbs RGS1800 you can guarantee that your household is safe. This product has an auto shutoff system that power offs the equipment if left unused.

The Russell Hobbs RGS1800 is certainly a good garment steamer to invest your money in. But for those who require more details about this product, you may visit Smooth Wares via their website.

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