Salt-Based Water Softening System Considerations

Salt-based water softeners or water softening systems, as the name implies, are products that require the use of salt in order for them to function. Generally speaking, they have a so-called brine tank which contains the water and salt solution. The salty water is important because it is the one that is responsible for initializing the regular filter regeneration process. With such in regard, users of salt-best water softeners should make sure that the amount of salt contained in the tank is at an acceptable level. If such is not achieved, the system will not be able to filter water properly. Thus, there is incomplete treatment.


When it comes to the type of salt required, users should check the manufacturers’ recommendations. Some of them designed their products to work well with the use of ordinary table salt. Some do not. Nevertheless, the type of salt needed by any water softeners sold in the market can be found in grocery stores. In relation to such, the best type of salt that can be used is the one that dissolves quickly. Such is for the main reason that it can be easily removed or flushed away. Thus, the filter cleaning process will be easier and faster.


With regards to the amount of salt required, that will depend on the level of water hardness, as well as the frequency of the regeneration process. In general, water that has mild to moderate levels of hardness require from nine to 10 pounds of salt. Water softeners that regenerate at a weekly basis or more require more salt than those that only regenerate every after two or few weeks. On the other hand, the frequency of placing salt in the brine tank depends on many factors. Such include the brine tank size, water hardness level, number of people using the water, and water consumption average. Nevertheless, the most important thing to consider is to make sure that the brine tank is refilled with salt before it even empties.


In relation to the last consideration above, most of the brine tanks of salt-based water softeners are recommended to contain approximately a quarter full of salty water. Likewise, it should also not reach more than six inches from the brine tank top. Similarly, the level of salt should also stay at only about a few inches on top of the water level. Following such level guidelines will ensure that the product will work efficiently. In addition, people should make sure that their water softener’s tank surface is free from the crust of salts before adding more salt. If there are salt crusts present, they can simply loosen and break them, either manually or with the use of hot water. Then, they should completely remove them from the tank.


The above-mentioned considerations should be carefully followed by salt-based water softener owners. If they do so, they will be assured that no matter what brand of the system they buy, it will surely last for a long time. Likewise, the considerations above will also ensure that the products will perform their functions well. Nevertheless, people who are interested in purchasing salt-based water softeners are recommended to check out this link.

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