Many people dreams of getting an athlete’s strong and well-shaped physiques. In reality, this is not as easy as it may seem; it will require consistency, dedication and hard work. To maintain their figures, athletes burn hundreds and even thousands of calories both on and off the field. The sports activities in this list are some of the most effective weight losses by helping you burn a lot of calories to achieve the healthy, proper shape and fit athlete physique.


Cycling is appropriate for anyone at any age and level of fitness. Cycling burns calories, improves your health and gets you in proper shape by helping you lose weight. Your major muscle groups in your legs such as gluten, quadriceps, calves and hamstrings will be stronger. Trough cycling, you will be able to burn as much as 75 to 670 calories for every half-hour session depending on your current weight and effort level. It is also an ideal alternative for sprinting.



Sprinting is probably one of the easiest sports to implement if you want to burn calories and lose weight. This sport makes you breathe harder thus the volume of oxygen in your blood increases. It’s also a good way in detoxifying your body, increases its metabolism and heart rate as well as strengthens your muscles. Daily sprinting at intervals will increase blood circulation and heartbeat and it will also raise the temperature of your body. As a whole, sprinting is a great sport to lose weight.


There is no doubt that swimming is a superb sports activity and form of exercise. In swimming, every single muscle in your body is used to propel you in water which includes your face, toe and neck muscles. This sports activity grows muscle resilience and strength and also improves your flexibility and posture. It is also an ideal aerobic workout. Swimming is the perfect sport for everyone in any age group and levels of expertise. Speeding up your pace a bit and increasing the distance of your swimming periods will help in your weight loss. Even an abrupt forward crawl can help you burn as much as eleven calories per minute. You can burn at least 90 to 550 additional calories for every half-hour session of swimming depending on your effort level and weight.


Squash is a great option if you are looking for a sports activity to help in your weight loss. Playing squash can help you burn a lot of calories. Squash is considered as one of the most ideal cardio exercises as it requires very powerful movements. Participating in a game of squash can provide you great results. An individual with a body weight of about 65 kilograms or 171 pounds can burn at least 130 calories in a 10 minute game of squash. If you will play at least 30 minutes of squash, you can burn at least 130 calories and if you will extend the game to 1 hour expect to burn around 780 calories.

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