Super Bowl Replica Championship Rings: A Cheap Way to Collect Pittsburgh Steelers Championship Rings

Super Bowl championship rings are expensive; usually, it can cause a Super Bowl fan $35,000 to $50,000 for each ring. Also, it can get fancy at $250,000, depending on the karat, the details on the rings, and the diamonds added. It is clearly obvious that not all fans are happy to buy these expensive Super Bowl championship memorabilia.

Fortunately, there are replica championship rings that every fan can purchase, which usually costs $50 to $200 depending on the details and how it was made. If you are a Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan and you wanted to avail some of its championship rings at a cheaper price, check out Super Bowl replica Pittsburgh Steelers championship rings, which you can take a look at Big Game Rings.

Who is Big Game Rings?

If you are planning to purchase Super Bowl replica championship rings, you have to purchase them at Big Game Rings – one of the reliable and trusted sources to produce quality replica championship rings in the market today.

The Big Game Rings is a reliable company, which is formed by enthusiastic entrepreneurs and avid fan of sports. Since they understand every sports fan’s desire of collecting those expensive looking championship rings, the skilled teams from Big Game Rings made it easier for them to collect these rings; however, in form of the replica. Even as replicas, the team assured that each ring looks almost similar to the real thing.

These rings are well-made and well-detailed that makes it as a perfect gift for any occasion to a sports fan – a Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl fan, for that.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won numbers of Super Bowl championship rings, six out of eight Super Bowl rings, since the NFL merger in 1970; here are a few replica championship rings that are also available at the Big Game Rings:

  • 1974-1975 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl IX Replica Ring with Wooden Gift Box– The $59 custom-made replica ring is from high-quality copper and studded with AAA high-grade cubic zirconia stones. Tinted in quality gold color, the ring was designed to look almost similar to the real Super Bowl IX championship ring.
  • 1975-1976 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl X Replica Ring with Wooden Gift Box– The $59 custom-made replica is also made from high-quality copper. It is studded with high-grade AAA cubic zirconia stones, which is colored in high-quality gold.
  • 1978-1979 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIII Replica Ring with Wooden Gift Box – The well-designed replica costs $59. It is made from high-quality copper and high-grade cubic zirconia stones, colored in gold.
  • 1979-1980 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIV Replica Ring with Wooden Gift Box– The replica championship ring is well-detailed in high-quality copper and AAA cubic zirconia stones. The ring looks almost similar to the real ring, which will only cost you $59.
  • 2005-2006 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL Replica Ring with Wooden Gift Box– After two decades, the Steelers gained new recognition – a memorable Super Bowl season for the Steelers and its fans. The $59 replica ring is well-made with the right materials.
  • 2008-2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLIII Ring with Wooden Gift Box – The $59 replica championship ring is well-designed with quality materials like the other rings from the Big Game Rings.

Final Thoughts

Replicas are the best thing to the real thing; however, if it is made in quality, you have to choose the Big Game Rings.

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