The Best Dive Computer for Beginners


There are many dive computers in the market today, but if you’re a beginner, you cannot afford to buy any of them. With many years of hands-on experience in these things, I can help you to avoid common mistakes people often make. Let me state from the onset that the Leonard is what you need for now. Assuming that you don’t want to blunder and you’re willing to learn, take my sure word about the Leonard. By the time you get to the brim of this page, you will have a glimpse about the interesting dive computer. In your imagination, what should an ideal dive computer contain? I am just pondering about it and thinking that it’s likely to surpass your expectation.

A highlight of the Cressi Leonard

I would like to summarize it as a simple, functional, and elegant product, but I will not stop here and following is further information about it. Its operation is pretty simple, straight forward, and user-friendly. This is because it has only one button user interface for easier programming and operation. The designer of the Cressi Leonardo dive computer knew that you will need space for storing dives, and created more than you need. This far, the product seems appetizing but hold a little I haven’t finished highlighting its capabilities. In case you have a lot to store than the available space can hold, it has an optional PC interface for extra storage. There are more reasons that make the Cressi Leonardo dive computer the best there is, but I cannot exhaust them on this paper, but it’s important to read this Cressi Leonardo dive computer review to the end for amazing insights.

Cressi Leonardo is the best entry-level dive computer

As alluded, this is the best dive computer for starters, in this section, I will tell you exactly why that is the case. This means that I will mention specific features and thoughts which substantiate the fact.

It comes with both Air and Nitrox capability, its single button makes    it easy to navigate menus and has a large display for easy reading of the critical dive data. In addition, it comes in a wide range of colors for you to select your favorite. Other unique specifications include the affordable cost meant for first time users, lack of complicated advance features, and the bright display which is easy to read.


I have tried a couple of dive computers for some years and learned a lot. Wisdom dictates that you don’t do mistakes which others did but learn from them. Centrally to the popular opinion that you have to try several of them to settle on the best, you can learn from those who have already tried several of them then get it right from your first choice.

When you visit, you will be able to view clear pictures of this product and watch videos demonstrating how it works. Of course, other videos are available on YouTube. The Cressi Leonard is the best dive computer for new users.

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