The Key Difference of a Humidifier and Vaporizer

The primary function of the humidifier is to maintain the right humid in the environment by creating the chances of dry air in to humid air while the vaporizer turns substances in to hot steam then releases in to the air.

What you need to understand

Most people club the terminologies of a vaporizer and humidifier mistaking them as the same thing. They are two different things that are used for two different purposes. Sometimes they can also overlap how they work by using them in congestion and cold cases. They will serve you in a better way if you use them for their intended purposes.

The primary function

At the root cause the primary function of both devices are the same. A humidifier creates a humid environment by releasing moist in to the air while the primary function of a vaporizer is to convert liquid in to steam and is released in to the air.

A vaporizer boils the hot liquid that can burn you if you come in to close contact. The same heat can purify water killing all the bacteria formation in the water. It is commonly used to vaporize and inhale medicine substances, herbs and other blends.

The humidifier risks the accumulation of mold and bacteria in the still water that settles in the container. It is expensive to install but it is saver to use. You never risk any burns around your kids as they play and helps you in moistening the nasal passages relieving you from colds.

The comparison between the two devices

You need to read this post before you decide on either to have a vaporizer or humidifier. A humidifier keeps the atmosphere in a room moist. The purpose of it is to add enough moist in the dry air. It is used alone to function well to its work by increasing humidity.

The vaporizer generates substances to form vapor that is used for inhaling medicine. The purpose of it is to vaporize substances. It is used to vaporize active ingredients of the plant material, the herbs and blends. It is used to vaporize medicines for inhalation such as congestions and colds. It can also be used for cosmetic purpose for the facials.

How they can work to decrease congestion

They both can help to ease cold and the flu congestion. They can reach humidity to the affected lungs and nasal passages reducing the infections. They can both add moisture to your home environment to achieve same levels of humidity in different ways. When water reaches your lower airway, it has similar temperatures no matter how it was generated.


They both can help you in a great way no matter which you purchase. You need to equip yourself on their uses so that you are able to purchase a device you can afford. You also need to know how to user it effectively for the best results. If you still do not know on which to choose, get recommendations from your immunologist for the specific device that will help you.

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