Tips on How to Win Fortnite Battle Royale

In playing Fortnite Battle Royale, you have only one goal in the game, and that is to be the last person to survive the battle. But you are not alone, you have ninety-nine other players too, who are also aiming and competing enough to make sure they win the game. Thus, you will need to discover advance tips on how to win Fortnite Battle Royale.

One of the best strategies that you need to apply in the game is to find out and follow these pro Fortnite settings that many well-known Fortnite pro players do. Just like for example, knowing the in-game settings and gear details that they are using. These are important because these details could help you win the game. In using the right keybinds, gears and game settings just like the pro players do, surely you will survive the battle. Also, there are also lots of videos on Youtube that showcases the pro players game settings and actual play. You can find which settings you are comfortable in playing as well as which gears and keybinds are best for your game.

Another tip that is also important is to know when to build. Yes, it is needed that you need to build for your defense, but also it is needed that you should know when to build. In the building mode, you need to switch between your weapons to build schematics that will be a disadvantage for you from your enemies. They might attack you while you are busy building your defense and also, in Battle Royale, there is a storm that will wipe all your construction into nothing. In doing this, you need to be smart in determining when to build your defense. If you think that there are some cover areas that you can hide, then you can use it instead of building your defense. In that case, you can give focus to your environment, target your enemies and even destroying building defense made by others. Of course, building your defense is important. But, it should be in the right timing, just like in using bandages. There are players that are not good in covering up, thus they need to throw up a wall that might save their lives. Also, in a building mode, it is needed also if you are in a situation like running from a valley to the high grounds. You can use wood stair panels to save yourself there.

Lastly, you should be aware of how to use your guns and do not gather all the weapons that you want. It is very tempting to see different versions of guns that your enemies are using. But, if you tend to gather many guns, you might have difficulty in swapping the items that you will be going to use. Just only pick the best gun that you are comfortable in using and that would help you easier kill your enemies. Also, carrying many guns might end up you full in the inventory space that you cannot carry other important things such as Bandages and Shields.

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