Too Eager to Work Out?

There is a common misconception about building up one’s musculature: you get buffy when you do strenuous workouts. The truth is that you get the ‘buff’, or the muscle growth, when you rest after the workout. It happens when your satellite cells go around your muscles looking for tiny ‘injuries’ that are caused by the workout; these ‘injuries’ are manifested in part through muscle pain.

As a matter of fact, our muscles grow just because our cells keep building up over our musculature. Eventually they’ll amass and become the ‘gains’ that we see on our body.

If you overexert, that is, work out too much or too often, these satellite muscles would not accumulate as noticeably as they normally should. What usually happens is that our muscles become stronger but they won’t get sculpted.

On the issue of muscle healing, My Green Health Shop has a review to give about the different factors that come in when we talk about muscle healing. My Green Health Shop is keen to giving reviews and guides on different topics related to bodybuilding and products like diet supplements and weights. One can see their full advice and read about muscle healing in their site at

Training weights

There are concentric and eccentric contractions in lifting weights. Concentric contractions refer to muscles shortening when the fibers in your limbs contract, and eccentric as to when the fibers lengthen when contracting. The latter kind of contractions is a bigger cause of muscle damage. My Green Health Shop says that although your muscles would need up to two weeks to recover, you can always opt to resume the exercise even just after 24 to 36 hours.

Proper nutrition, intake, and diet

Muscles don’t regrow by themselves; they need to have the proper nutrients and fuel to keep doing repairs that will have to be done every time you work out. A recommendation is that instead of eating three full meals a day, you can try having six small ones so that your food and nutrient intake is more constant.

Also, your food must be rich in protein, fluids and electrolytes, and muscle glycogen. You should try to stay away from stress as often as you can. My Green Health Shop recommends the MassZyme 2.0 advanced enzyme formula for improved protein absorption.

Sleep time

Sleeping can speed up your muscle healing. Another good thing is that working out contributes to better sleep at night. Working out too much, however, can stimulate your body so much that you’ll have a hard time sleeping at night! Just think about how much sleep you really need, and you should be fine.

In addition to the aforementioned factors, My Green Health Shop also gives the following facts about muscle healing.

Larger muscle groups take longer to recover than the small ones; for instance, your triceps may recover sooner than your abdominal muscles. However, as much as we all hate it, aging will get the better of us, and it will affect how fast your muscles can recover from a workout. Take this into consideration when making a workout schedule.

Knowing all the relevant information about muscle recovery, also bear in mind that your mind may have strong willpower, but your body can only do so much. Learn how to take it easy for your body and it will stay healthy for you!

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