Top Benefits of Blending Fruits and Vegetables That You Probably Did Not Know

Have you ever tried of drinking your meal? Trivial, but in this technological era, drinking your meal is already possible with a blender. In fact, several fitness enthusiasts are adding smoothies into their daily meal because of several health benefits. Other than it can keep you from being hungry longer than an hour, according to several nutritionists, blenders with powerful blades, which you may click here to read more, can extract full nutrition than just by cooking or juicing. Below are some of the top benefits of blending fruits and vegetables that you probably did not know:

  1. It can increase your nutrient intake.

One of the best things about blending of food, you are able to consume a significant amount of fruit and vegetable servings in one sitting. In fact, according to Harvard School of Public Health, consuming at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day can increase your micronutrient intake, which is mostly found in the latter.

  1. Increases micronutrient intake

Taking supplements is not enough to supply your body with the needed micronutrients because most of these are found in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want to ensure that you get the right micronutrients each day (enough vitamins and minerals), drinking vegetable or fruit smoothies can help you fight off diseases.

  1. Blending of food keeps everything intact

Although blending means pulverizing your food, you are still keeping the fruits and vegetables intact. When it comes to blending, you are including the skin and by keeping this important part of fruits and vegetables when blending means you are also keeping the nutrients intact, especially the fiber. Fiber is an important nutrient that can regulate the dietary tract or the digestive system. Also, it helps stabilize the blood sugar and lowers the risk of having chronic diseases; which is one of the reasons why several nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts would recommend blending of food than juicing.

  1. Lesser conversion time

When food enters the mouth, digestion happens. The mouth mechanically breaks down the food then the protein is digested down into the stomach. Afterwards, the small intestines play its important role in chemically digesting and absorbing other nutrients into the bloodstream. In other words, it takes hours to digest the fats and oils from the food before converting them to usable energy or fat. However, with blended fruits and vegetables, all needed nutrition is easily absorbed into the body, since it has a lesser time to convert the food into fat cells, then later on energy.

It is not unknown to everyone that several people dislike eating too much green. So, the best trick to have a healthy diet is to make blended fruits and vegetables. The best part in drinking these smoothies, you do not need to prepare more unlike cooking or juicing fruits or vegetables. Plus, you still get the same nutrients. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to be healthy as much as possible, add blended food with your daily meal.

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