Top Things You Need to Know about Induction Cooktop

Are you currently planning to convert to induction cooking? But is it right for you?

Induction cooking now a popular medium of cooking; it offers several benefits, including efficiency in cooking. If you are planning to change your usual cooktop to induction-based one, here are the top things you need to know about induction cooktop:

1. The cost

One of the reasons why several homeowners are not converting to induction cooktop is due to its price. It is not unknown to many that induction cooktops are quite expensive; however, compared to its cooking efficiency and the fast cooking result, it is more cost-effective than using electric stove or gas stoves.

If compared to electric stoves, the heat generated from induction cooktops are directly transferred to the pan; thus, there are less energy wasted, resulting in a reduced electricity bill. Check out these induction vs electric range power consumption facts to fully understand how cost-effective it is to convert to induction cooking.

2. You will need the right pans and pots to work on your induction cooktop

Looking for the right pans and pots that will work on an induction cooktop is quite challenging. There are several cases that the pan you thought that would work on induction stove will not work; thus, to help you out, here are the top materials of cooking vessels that you should purchase:

•    Cast iron
•    Enamel coated cast iron
•    Stainless steel cookware
•    Carbon steel

There are non-stick aluminum and copper-based cookware that may work on induction cooktops; however, you need to check further if it would really work on your induction stove – a simple magnet test can determine if you can use the cookware you are planning to purchase.

3. It is easier to clean

Induction cooktops are easier to clean than those gas stoves and electric stoves. All you need to do is get a wet sponge or paper towel to wipe any spills and mess.

4. Is it powerful than gas or electric stove?

Induction cooktop produces direct heat; thus, it heats faster and better than other cooking technologies. In fact, if you boil 1 liter of water on an induction stove, it’ll only take you 2-3 minutes on low heat, compared to 5-6 minutes on low-heat using gas stoves.

5. Is it powerful enough to work on wok cooking

Wok cooking is one of the common Asian cooking that most Asians cannot give-up; if you are currently asking if induction cooktops are suitable for wok cooking, the answer is yes. However, that depends on the size of the cooktop and cookware you are using. Also, wok cooking is best on gas because according to the experts, visible flames are more powerful than with induction cooktops.

Final Thoughts

Induction cooktops are now increasingly becoming popular due to its efficiency when it comes to cooking; in fact, there are a lot of positive reviews about induction cooktops and cookware. However, you need to make sure that you are purchasing a durable and reliable induction cooktop.

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